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New survey highlights economic impact of COVID-19 on facilities providing non-emergency care in Pennsylvania

New survey highlights economic impact of COVID-19 on facilities providing non-emergency care in Pennsylvania View the article on  HERE.   By Pennsylvania Medical Society HARRISBURG, Pa., May 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — New data from the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) highlights some of the economic challenges that physician offices and other medical facilities have faced due to the […]

Pennsylvania medical practices outline economic challenges caused by Covid-19

A survey found Pennsylvania doctors are performing fewer procedures and relying more on telemedicine during the pandemic. By John George  – Senior Reporter, Philadelphia Business Journal May 14, 2020, 2:41pm EDT Visit the article in the Philadelphia Business Journal HERE. A study released Thursday by the Pennsylvania Medical Society found since the Covid-19 pandemic began in March, the […]

Demand for Online CE Grows

  Clinicians continue to embrace new forms of online learning according to a survey of 801 clinicians conducted by Elsevier’s Office of Continuing Medical Education (EOCME), AcademicCME, and ArcheMedX in the first half of 2013. The 2013 Joint Survey of Healthcare Professionals Continuing Education Preferences revealed that 97% of surveyed clinicians will increase or maintain […]

Do You Trust Your Doctor or The Media?

A recent commentary in the Huffington Post discussed when a patient should “Trust their doctor” and when to get a “second opinion.”  While the article offered some insight for patients about when to get a second opinion, the author clearly misstated one of his comments about medical education. The author, Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., a board […]

New York Times: Pediatric Mental Health Diagnosis Deficiencies – Continuing Medical Education Could Help

A recent story in the New York Times discussed the difficulty doctors are having diagnosing children who have behavioral problems, especially when they appear at young ages. The article focused on a young boy, who at the age of 18 months, was being seen by different doctors, being diagnosed with numerous conditions, and then being […]

Boston Review: A Response to Marcia Angell’s “Big Pharma, Bad Medicine”

The Boston Review published a rebuttal Article from Frank Britt and Marissa Seligman on Marcia Angell-Relman’s article titled Big Pharma Bad Medicine”.   For those of us who work in Continuing Medical Education the themes will be quite familiar: Marcia Angell’s “Big Pharma, Bad Medicine” reprises several well-worn arguments that have marked her writings and lectures […]

NY Times on CME: Corporate Role in Educating Physicians

The relationships between doctors and the medical industry have been under constant debate for the past fifteen years. These discussions have led federal agencies, pharmaceutical companies, state and federal governments, professional associations and academic institutions to change their policies regarding the proper role of industry in medicine.   A recent example of such changes includes the […]

Continuing Medical Education: The Need for Clarity and Resources

After it was recently announced that the American Heart Association (AHA) will not allow employees of medical manufacturers to contribute science in their medical education presentations this year during its annual Scientific Sessions, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wasted no time running an editorial calling this approach a “good idea.” What the Sentinel thinks is a […]

Antidote Interview: Bio-Medical Education Companies and the Media

Recently William Heisel, Senior Communications Officer at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, interviewed me about the CME industry and the roll of medical education companies.  The questions he asked along with my answers were published on his blog under the title: Antidote: New Ways to Investigate Untold Health Stories. There are two parts […]

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