CBI Forum on Independent Medical Education and Grants 2013 – Includes Give and Take Sunshine Panel

Now in its 11th year, CBI’s Forum on Independent Medical Education and Grants offers a deep dive into topics related to the regulatory landscape, stakeholder expectations, effective needs assessment, outcomes management and more! Convening more than 400 supporters, providers, medical societies and associations over the years, this is the go-to event for benchmarking and networking with industry leaders.

Join industry professionals September 10-11 in Philadelphia to participate in the most interactive forum yet, including a participatory education workshop, rotating roundtable series and customized tracks for pharma/biotech and medical device companies. You’ll hear from commercial supporters and providers representing more than 20 companies.

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Key topics to be addressed include:

  • Making sense of and interpreting the Sunshine Act – The evolving impact on both CME and non-CME initiatives
  • Supporter/provider collaboration to align expectations
  • Understanding your learner’s key objectives
  • Outcomes debate on expectations vs. reality
  • CME perspective on the advent of ACOs
  • Monitoring and auditing programs through needs assessment

Who Should Attend?

Primary Audience Titles and Types of Companies:

This conference would be of interest to Vice Presidents, Executives, Senior Directors, Directors and Managers at pharmaceutical, biotechnology or medical device companies with responsibility in the following areas:

  • Grants
  • Continuing Medical Education/CME
  • Medical Communications
  • Compliance
  • Medical Affairs
  • Clinical Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • eLearning
  • Counsel
  • Academic Affairs
  • Legal
  • Scientific Affairs
  • Medical Research

Secondary Market Titles and Types of Companies:

This conference would also be of interest to consulting companies, academics, researchers, etc. who work with the above groups to solicit for or are the beneficiaries of grants from bio/pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Of particular note to Policy and Medicine readers is the Sunshine Panel:

“Give and Take” Sunshine Panel – Making Sense of and Implementing Sunshine Reporting Data

2012 has been a monumental year for the Physician Payment Sunshine Act, with the release of the final regulations in February and the August 1st deadline to start reporting. While accredited CME programming was, for the most part, excluded from the reporting mandate, non-CME activities were not. This decision may play a large part in determining future strategies — Will companies continue to fund non-CME programs or will they move away from this to avoid the associated “reporting headaches”? How will stakeholders handle meal reporting for covered entities? This panel takes a deep dive into both supporter and provider interpretations of the Sunshine Act, examines how it is impacting day to day responsibilities and forecasts the future of both CME and non-CME programming.

The Panel Will Discuss:

  • Sunshine wrap up – Where does industry stand now? What process and behavioral changes has this dictated?
  • Impact on pharma, device and providers
  • Implications for reporting at satellite symposia and programs with covered entitles
  • Considerations for honoraria, travel, food and beverage, giveaway materials
  • Opt in vs. opt out for plated meals
  • How to handle sign-in sheets
  • Notifications for information being reported

Moderator: Patricia Jassak, MS, RN, CCMEP, Director, IME and Advocacy Development, Astellas Scientific and Medical Affairs, Inc.

Panelists:     Marc Eigner, Partner, Polaris Management Partners

Thomas Sullivan, President, Rockpointe

Leah Omar, Senior Compliance Specialist, Medtronic, Inc.

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