CBI’s Medical Education & Research Grants Breakthrough Summit

The Center for Business Intelligence (CBI) will be holding its Medical Education & Research Grants Breakthrough Summit in San Francisco, CA, April 29–30, 2014. CBI’s Summit will cover the value of quality improvement initiatives and patient education and engagement in a post-Sunshine and ever-changing regulatory environment. The meeting is designed to give attendees the latest updates on evolving medical education approaches.

CBI notes: “The shift to evidence-based healthcare requires the integration of the latest research evidence with clinical expertise, as well as consideration for the individualized circumstances of patients. The Medical Education industry is primed to examine how evidence in practice can equip educational leaders and healthcare experts to connect and translate the highest quality education into the highest quality healthcare. As such, the West Coast Medical Education & Research Grants Breakthrough Summit is designed to help attendees achieve similar objectives.”

CBI announced the following learning objectives for this Summit:

  1. HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS: Discuss how the shifting healthcare environment impacts individual employers, collective healthcare systems and the personalized care of patients


  2. INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Cultivate innovation in educational design through initiatives that focus on improving quality of care


  3. PATIENT ENGAGEMENT: Establish ideas that better engage patients as active participants of the Medical Education process.

The full two-day schedule is available here, and the speakers, here. During the conference, experts will provide insight on a number of important topics, including:

  • Patient-centric educational approaches
  • The intersection of emerging technology and educational design
  • The impact of CME on clinical integration and physician behavior
  • Metrics of funded activities
  • Best practices for grant writing and review
  • Sunshine interpretations and assumption documents
  • The impact of healthcare reform, including ACOs and PCMHs, on CME

Thomas Sullivan, President of Rockpointe and Editor of Policy and Medicine will be moderating a panel titled:

Spotlight on Sunshine — Discussion around Sunshine Interpretations and Reconciliation

Thomas Sullivan

Pamela Mason, BS, CCMEP, FACME
Director, Medical Education Grants Office

Anouk Lindley
Manager, Independent Educational and Research Grants
Shire Pharmaceuticals

Kari K. Loeser
Senior Director and Senior Compliance Counsel
Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Chrissy Bradshaw
Director, Regulatory and Compliance Services
Porzio Life Sciences LLC

For information about registration, click here.

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