At Rockpointe, we believe that we can create effective continuing medical education (CME) that improves and advances the quality of patient care.

Now a part of Clinical Care Alliance (CEA), Rockpointe joins a growing alliance of healthcare professional (HCP) education and insights organizations that together improve patient care through the delivery of clinically relevant, evidence‐based educational activities and turnkey solutions globally.

In the ever-changing healthcare environment, improving quality is top of mind and we understand that clinician learning is in an important aspect of fixing our healthcare system. Our educational programs have been at the forefront of new issues in healthcare, including implementing MACRA, combatting the nation’s opioid crisis, and utilizing technical advances that improve quality of care.

As part of our commitment to quality, we are working hard to inform the continuing-education community of significant quality-improvement issues through news and analysis on Policy and Medicine. We are assisting education providers and supporters with discussions of what is happening outside the walls of their institutions.

In addition, our popular Medical Education Exchange (MEDX) CME regional meetings include sessions on the basics of quality improvement and alternative payment models, in addition to relevant and scientifically accurate sessions on numerous disease states. All our sessions include links back to associated National Quality Priorities, to reinforce the bigger picture and the triple aim of: 1) improving health and 2) lowering cost to 3) better the patient experience.


We work with nationally recognized partner organizations to develop quality-improvement and patient-engagement education modules that enable clinicians to not only practice evidence-based medicine, but understand how their practices compare to peers both locally and nationally.


We strive to implement team-based learning that includes instruction on implementing validated quality measures in each participant’s own healthcare setting.


Quality also means trying new teaching methods, including adaptive learning and patient engagement, so that not just clinicians acquire expertise, but patients are also kept informed about management options and are able to communicate what is most important on an individual basis.

The next time your organization considers an educational partner, take into consideration that, at Rockpointe, CME = Quality. Contact us to discuss how we can begin a quality collaboration today.

In our commitment to promoting quality education we have made available a worksheet to assist CME providers on creating MACRA improvement activity education programs.

MACRA Quality Payment Program CME Activity Worksheet