Founded in 1995, Rockpointe Corporation is a science-based medical education company whose clinical specialists, educators, and producers are dedicated to the design and implementation of integrated, certified educational initiatives that are engaging and clinically relevant to health care professionals.

Working in collaboration with clinical experts, professional societies, and government agencies, Rockpointe’s scientists, physicians, editors, managers, and medical education specialists are passionate about designing and delivering programs in which medical science and clinical need converge. Rockpointe utilizes a consistent approach to CME planning, beginning with a complete assessment and clinical practice gap analysis, designed to clearly define educational need. This process leads to the development of a comprehensive and flexible education plan, which rapidly responds to changes in science and the marketplace.

Each program culminates with a thorough outcomes analysis using multiple criteria and measurement techniques. The outcomes process is designed to accurately assess changes in participant knowledge, competence, and performance, with an ultimate aim of improving patient care and quality-of-life. All outcomes findings are shared with program sponsors and supporters, and recommendations are made regarding improvements for future activities.

At Glance

With more than 50 currently available courses; 200,000 overall learners (and growing!); and 20+ years of experience and excellence in medical education, Rockpointe is the preferred partner for quality CME!

Policy & Medicine offers a daily look at legal, regulatory, and compliance issues affecting the pharmaceutical and device industry. Since its inception in 2008, Policy & Medicine has become one of the most widely followed websites in its field, provides detailed analysis of many important compliance issues, and is one of the leading resources for information on the Physician Payments Sunshine Act and transparency issues.

2-day, multi-topic CME conferences designed to educate the community-based primary care and oncology teams about emerging treatments, guidelines, and quality measures from top clinical experts with content delivered via interactive technology designed to enhance the learning experience.


PMCU is a monthly publication providing comprehensive, up-to-date compliance information for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device manufacturers. Each issue covers important news and analysis, with input from top compliance officers and healthcare attorneys across the industry.