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Are Medical Conferences Useful? The Critics Want them Ended but for What Purpose

Medical progress and the advancement of science depend on a number of factors.  Some discoveries take years and years to prove, others are serendipitous (but much rarer these days). Almost all breakthroughs require tremendous amounts of money and research, highly qualified experts, and institutional and academic support.  One important factor, which may not always be […]

CME Coalition: Congressional Briefing on HIV and CME

As part of its mission to raise awareness about the importance of continuing medical education (CME), the CME Coalition held its second policy briefing earlier this week. The second program, entitled “Continuing Medical Education:  A Focus on HIV Breakthroughs,” included experts in the fields of CME and HIV treatment, including Dr. Jonathan Sackier, Visiting Professor, University of […]

Journal of Clinical Hypertension: CME Learners Provide Better Patient Care

There has been much discussion and study regarding the role of continuing medical education (CME) in improving patient care. Physicians who are educated about the latest advances in evidence-based practice will make more informed treatment decisions, resulting in improved patient outcomes. However, before physicians and health care providers can receive education through CME programs that […]

Medical Device CEO Jeff Binder Stands Up for Corporate Support of Continuing Medical Education

Criticism surrounding commercially supported continuing medical education (CME) has remained constant over the past several years, despite growing evidence that such support creates little if any bias. However, as Jeffrey R. Binder, President and CEO of Biomet, Inc. recently posted, the logic of industry critics who argue against commercial support of CME and graduate medical […]

Study Shows Online Continuing Medical Education Highly Effective in Adoption of Evidenced Based Medicine

A recent study showed that continuing medical education (CME) delivered via the internet was highly effective in educating physicians to make evidence-based decisions for their patients.  The study by Linda Casebeer, PhD titled Evidence-based choices of physicians: a comparative analysis of physicians participating in Internet CME and non-participants published in BioMedCentral (BMC), reviewed how the […]

Decrease in Commercial Support of CME Correlates with Increase in Medication Errors

While the percentage of commercial support for continuing medical education (CME) has continued to drastically drop over the past few years (29% decrease from 2007 to 2009), recent data, which show an epidemic of medication errors in hospitals, make this decrease even more troublesome. At a time when 30 million more patients will flood our […]

CME Grant Disclosure and Transparency: Company Reports 2009 and 1st Qtr 2010

We have compiled  a chart of companies that disclose their educational grant payments for  2009 and 2010. In 2009 several new companies reported CME grants and donations including Amilyn, Sanofi Aventis and Shire.    In addition several J&J companies have added grant disclosure. From reviewing the reports Glaxo Smith Kline took a six month break (Q4 […]

Boston Review: A Response to Marcia Angell’s “Big Pharma, Bad Medicine”

The Boston Review published a rebuttal Article from Frank Britt and Marissa Seligman on Marcia Angell-Relman’s article titled Big Pharma Bad Medicine”.   For those of us who work in Continuing Medical Education the themes will be quite familiar: Marcia Angell’s “Big Pharma, Bad Medicine” reprises several well-worn arguments that have marked her writings and lectures […]

Outcome Study of CME Participants Shows Significant Improvement in MDS Patient Care

A recent study of CME participants of Myelodysplatic Syndromes reviewing patient claims data claims data showed significant improvement in the mean time diagnosis of MDS patients from physicians who participated in courses on the topic.    The article CE Measure by Paul D. Walden, PhD entitled “Administrative Health Data to Assess Performance in a Myelodysplastic […]

CME Providers Have Suitable Oversight to Ensure Compliance

A recent interview about Continuing Medical Education (CME) with Steven Kawczak, MA, associate director for the Center for Continuing Education (CCE) at Cleveland Clinic, highlighted a study he conducted this year regarding industry support of CME. The interview noted that “until recently there have been no scientific studies proving—or disproving—that pharma or device makers’ support […]

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